King Charles has amassed a net worth of $750 million, or £600 million, making him almost twice as wealthy as his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, according to a report out in the weeks before his May 6 coronation.

The king's wealth, published in The Times "Rich List" Sunday, shows that the king is wealthier than some of England's largest celebrities, David and Victoria Beckham and Sir Elton John.

In last year's Rich List, the queen's fortune was calculated as being around $460 million, or £370 million. Her son's wealth has continued to grow over the years as he rebuilt his finances after his multimillion-dollar divorce from his first wife, Princess Diana, in the mid-1990s.

A former aide of Charles' said the king, while a monarch-in-waiting, saved some of the profits he was receiving from the Duchy of Cornwall.... Read More: Newsmax