The Government, today (Monday, 26 February 2024), approved a decision that will address the needs of the survivors of the festivals that were held in the south during the Hamas terrorist assault of 7 October 2023, and will provide them with extensive treatment and support while also creating for them a clear government 'address'.
The decision was jointly submitted for Government approval by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Welfare and Social Affairs Minister Yaakov Margi, following staff work coordinated by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) Department of Governance and Social Affair together with the Welfare and Social Affairs Ministry, the Health Ministry, the Negev and Galilee Development and Social Resilience Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Finance Ministry, the Culture and Sports  Ministry, the Defense Ministry, the Heritage Ministry, the National Insurance Institute, the Israel Police and the IDF.
Some of the activity was already held out in the earlier stages of the war even as preliminary actions were carried out regarding the accessibility and utilization of rights, dialogue, and meetings in – and visits to – the facilities established by survivors of the festivals.
The decision, in which an additional NIS 20 million is allocated for the current existing actions, includes responses for emotional support, mental health, commemoration and culture, utilization of rights, employment, and creating meeting places and group therapy work.
PMO Director General Yossi Shelley [translated from Hebrew]:
"This is an important step in increasing and adapting responses for the survivors of the festivals. Along with the Welfare and Social Affairs Ministry, we are committed to continue assisting them as much as possible."
Welfare and Social Affairs Ministry Director General Yinon Aaroni, who headed the committee [translated from Hebrew]:
"The inter-ministerial committee met in order to provide a comprehensive government response, under one roof, for the survivors of the festivals. The committee's job is to remove impediments and formulate a response for a unique community, which has outstanding characteristics of a community, but which is geographically dispersed throughout the country. The decision that was approved will allow festival survivors to concentrate on rehabilitating their lives and strengthening their community, with the necessary government resources at their disposal."