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Please find below links to helpful articles and lists related to schach mats, along with Sukkos-related videos on our new STAR-K Sukkos Video Channel.

Guide to STAR-K Certified Schach

A summary of Rav Moshe Heinemann’s guidance regarding kosher schach

Kosher Certified Schach Manufacturers

A list of schach manufacturers certified by STAR-K

The Halachos of Schach

A more in-depth review of the halachos of schach by Rav Heinemann

After Sukkos: Proper Schach Storage

Guidelines on proper storage of your schach to avoid insect infestation

Audio-Visual Guidance

Listen to STAR-K’s Kosher Conversation ‘Sukkos Special‘ podcast with Rabbi Mordechai Frankel.

Sukkahs-to-Go and Schach Mat Webinar

Watch Rabbi Zvi Goldberg and Rabbi Boruch Beyer discuss various Sukkos-related topics.

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Please note that wine from 2022 vintage is Shemita wine.

The error appears on page 4, in the 2nd paragraph of the Fall 5784 printed issue.

The correction was made both to the digital copy available on as well as to the version that was emailed to Kashrus Kurrents digital subscribers.