In an effort to upgrade their different systems and improve their customer service, the Jerusalem Municipality has announced that their Collections Department, which includes Arnona, will be closed to the public this month, from February 5-26. They will not be providing service by phone during this time, either.  Arnona discount applications can still be submitted online during this time.

As you may have noticed, the Municipality has sent out Arnona bills for the 2023 calendar year, due to be paid by January 31.  Failure to pay by this date causes the bill to accrue interest and may eventually lead to lawyer fees and other penalties including liens on bank accounts.  It is important to note that the Arnona bill must be paid, or at least a payment plan put in place, at the beginning of the year, regardless of whether or not you will be applying for a discount. If you are approved for a discount later, you will receive a refund or credit for the difference. 

At this time,  Arnona can be paid online or by phone with an Israeli credit card only.  Debit cards are not accepted. Foreign residents who do not hold an Israeli credit card may pay their Arnona bills at a post office. If the bill is over 5000 NIS, it is possible to make a bank transfer. It is also possible to set up monthly automatic payments, or hora’at keva, via your Israeli bank account.  

Chaim V’Chessed has received many complaints from Jerusalem residents who seek to pay their bill in a timely fashion, but who wish to use foreign credit cards. Most places of business in Israel accept foreign-sourced credit cards, and there is no reason that the Jerusalem Municipality shouldn’t, as well. Our representatives have raised this issue with Municipality officials, but we have yet to receive a positive response.

Lastly, please note that in the past, the deadline to apply for an Arnona discount was December 31.  As of 2023, discount applications may only be submitted until August 31.

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