Over 12 hours after two bombing attacks in Jerusalem, Israel's security forces still do not know who carried out the attacks and which terror group they belong to, Kan 11 News reported.

Security sources said that the lack of knowledge underlines the intelligence failures in connection to the attack, which was planned by a cell that has experience in producing explosive devices.

It was also reported that as part of the investigation of the attacks, a suspicion was raised - due among other things to the proximity of the scene to those areas - that the terrorists in question are residents of Jerusalem and hold Israeli identity cards. Though it is not yet clear which terror group they belong to and how prepared they were, security forces have clarified that "sooner or later, we will lay our hands on the terrorists."

Meanwhile, the investigation into the bombings continues, and an emphasis has been placed on intelligence - activating agents, security cameras, and additional technological means. Footage from the scenes of the attacks has been transferred to the police, but none of it clearly shows any suspicious figures which are connected to the attacks and which can be identified as being behind the explosions.... Read More: Arutz-7