We were all shocked by the terrible news that greeted us after havdala this past week.

Another brazen antisemitic threat to Jewish lives, this time at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, TX! And so soon after the murders in Pittsburgh, Poway, Monsey and Jersey City. Boruch Hashem, no one was killed or injured, but no doubt the community there was left with deep emotional scars.

In light of the recent hostage crisis, the ongoing threat, and the continuing uptick in antisemitic incidents, we must return to our legislators in Congress and implore them to substantially increase funding for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) for FY 2022 to $360 million. This program provides assistance to nonprofits at high risk of terrorist attack for the purchase of security enhancements such as cameras, concrete barriers, reinforced doors and personnel.

This vital funding will go far, bechasdei Hashem, in helping to secure our shuls, schools and community institutions and in saving lives!

Urge your Representatives and Senators to support an increase in NSGP funding to $360 million! And if, in the coming days, they are asked to sign on to a Dear Colleague letter supporting the increase, urge them to do so!

We know that our grassroots advocacy can make a difference. Agudath Israel and other organizations fought hard to create and maintain over the past 17 years the NSGP program. National and local involvement, working together, brought the program to where it is today, and we can move it further ahead.

Click here to take action.


Rabbi Abba Cohen

Vice President for Government Affairs

Washington Director and Counsel