Ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics has published statistics that show that there are currently 147,199 holocaust survivors and victims of antisemitic actions during the holocaust. 61% of all holocaust survivors are women, while 39% are men.

4.5% immigrated to Israel before the establishment of the state, between 1933-1947. A third (31.7%) immigrated during the large aliyah wave following the establishment of the state of Israel (1948-1951). 29.7% immigrated between 1952 and 1989, and about a third (34.1%) came to the Jewish state since the 90s, during the wave of aliyah from the former Soviet Union.

87% of the survivors are either "very satisfied" or with their lives, similar to the 88% of Jews and others above the age of 75. 17.3% of Holocaust survivors felt lonely often, compared to 12.6% of Jews and others above 75.

According to the statistics from the beginning of 2022, there were a total of 15.3 million Jews in the world, of which approximately 7.0 million resided in Israel (approximately 46% of all Jews worldwide).... Read More: Arutz-7