Baltimore, MD - Nov. 16, 2023  - While our hearts are with our brothers and sisters in ארץ ישראל - especially those fighting in Gaza and defending the northern border - those of us in חוץ לארץ can also be active by continuously making our voices heard in the halls of Congress through the phone lines.

Our representatives in the US Senate and House of Representatives have relayed to us that their phones have been inundated with pro-Palestine callers, calling for the condemnation of Israel, the cessation of US aid to the Jewish state, and demanding an immediate and unconditional ceasefire, vastly exceeding the smaller number of pro-Israel callers.

We NEED to do our part to counteract their voices, and provide the counterpressure that will allow politicians to remain firm in their support of Israel. Every person should pick up the phone and call their elected officials several times a week, or even every day. It takes only a few minutes, but it is crucial.

Who should I be calling?
Senator Ben Cardin - (202) 224-4524
Senator Chris Van Hollen - (202) 224-4654
Baltimore County Residents: Representative Dutch Ruppersberger – (202) 225-3061
Baltimore City Residents: Representative Kweisi Mfume – (202) 225-4741
Silver Spring Residents: Representative Jamie Raskin – (202) 225-5341

Sample Script for your call:
“Hello, my name is __ and I live in _. As a constituent, I am calling to ask for Senator/Representative___'s continued support of Israel. There can be no ceasefire while Hamas remains in power. I ask Mr. __ to help pass the aid package to Israel so that they can do what it takes to free the hostages and rid the world of Hamas. Thank you.”

You may be asked to provide your street address and/or email address.