Laniado Hospital of Netanya, Israel announced a strategic agreement with two hospitals in China: NJPH Hospital and HGPH Hospital from the Yangzhou District, which services a population of 5,000,000.

A special 15-person delegation from the two hospitals traveled to Laniado to sign the agreement. The delegation was headed by the presidents of the hospitals: Mr. Xu Daoling of NJPH Hospital and Mr. Xu Kepingt of HFPH Hospital.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by Professor Zvi Shimoni, Laniado’s Medical Director; Nadav Chen, CEO; Dr. Yael Melmed Yekel, Head of Ob-Gyn, and other department heads and senior management.

Professor Mark Beer-Gabel, Laniado’s renowned Head of Neurogastroenterology and Pelvic Floor Unit, who often travels to China to share his extensive knowledge, helped initiate the agreement.

The presidents of the Chinese hospitals presented some of their respective hospital’s clinical activities. They also expressed great appreciation for Professor Beer-Gabel’s international collaboration.

The agreement includes exchanges of clinical delegations, clinical and administrative knowledge sharing, and more.

The distinguished delegation toured Laniado’s new Labor & Delivery Center and Women’s Health Emergency Department and was especially interested in clinical procedures for postpartum women. The Chinese parliament will soon allow the birth of 3 children per family - currently the Chinese law does not yet allow this. The predicted increased birth rate in China is leading to greater attention being placed on women’s health, and on pelvic health specifically.

This new agreement is an exciting milestone in Laniado’s collaboration among the international medical community. As a mid-sized Hospital serving 500,000 residents, Laniado looks forward to continuing to deepen and develop such partnerships throughout the world and to spread its founder’s - the Klausenberger’s Rebbe - mission: compassionate healthcare for all.