Baltimore, MD – May 24, 2023 – Have you noticed all the publicity – the lawn signs, the press coverage, sporting an angelic sleeping baby girl dressed in pink -- for the AIM Event, and wondered what AIM is?

AIM is a much-needed Baltimore-based organization that will be holding its inaugural annual event, a dairy dessert reception at its Gala Chinese Auction, on Tuesday, June 6, at the MARRIOT OWINGS MILLS METRO CENTRE at 7:30 p.m. It will feature a musical performance by Chayala Neuhaus and promises to be an exciting and entertaining evening – AND a purposeful one, knowing that you are helping numerous families of newborns in our community by helping them raise happy and healthy generations of Klal Yisroel! As Mrs. Shayna Meiselman, AIM Event Coordinator, explains, “This is such a vital organization in this community- there is no limit to how much help a woman needs after having a baby, and AIM is really there to support her in every way she needs.”

What does AIM do, exactly? Anyone who has been blessed to be a “kimpeturin” (Yiddish word for a woman who has just given birth), can tell you that the euphoria of bringing a neshama into this world can easily morph into a feeling of frustration with the toll it takes on the family. Lacking sleep and energy, coming home from the hospital to a house that is in disarray, with piled up dishes and laundry, and an empty refrigerator -- not to mention the inability to care for your newborn and/or other children until your strength returns -- can put a damper on a beautiful simcha. Enter AIM, an acronym for Association of Infants and Mothers – derived from the Hebrew word אם, mother.

AIM was established to help mothers and their families after the birth of a baby, specifically, by providing new mothers with a variety of services  such as two weeks of dinners, one fully catered Shabbos, twelve hours of cleaning help, four weeks of high school girls' help, and a personally delivered lunch and gift by an AIM representative.

“AIM launched quietly at the end of 2021, and in the first year we helped around 100 families,” notes Mrs. Tzini Friedman, program coordinator of AIM. “As the awareness of the organization is increasing around the community, we are experiencing exponential growth. We are only a few months into our second year in operation and have already helped close to 250 families. This translates into around 3000 hours of cleaning help provided so far, and close to 4000 nutritious meals delivered! If we continue on this trajectory, that will translate into over 500 families by next year, 6000 hours of cleaning help, and over 8000 meals! The impact is truly incredible."

Mrs. Friedman and the AIM business office work together with her growing network of selfless volunteers who are likewise dedicated to the AIM mission. Some volunteers organize the weekday or Shabbos meal packages while others deliver meals from local restaurants or provide transportation for the high school girls who offer a helping hand.

AIM is fulfilling a real need in our community. As Mrs. Friedman notes, “The feedback is overwhelmingly positive, as you can imagine. I get so many comments about mothers feeling that they can get back to themselves so much faster after birth because they can focus on themselves and their family rather than having to worry about meals, cleaning, homework, and bedtime. Husbands are so appreciative, as well. They are glad that their wives can relax and recuperate, and that they are taken care of when the responsibility of running the house falls on them. If there are other children in the family, they also benefit from the semblance of stability during what can be an extremely hectic time within the home. They love the catered meals and the extra attention they receive from the volunteers!”

In the words of some of the several kimpaturin AIM has helped:

"My husband was even more pumped about this than I was! He was just so happy that I was being taken care of…. I think for the mom, the husband, and the kids, it just makes a huge difference." --Esti Chames

“The suppers were delicious - my husband loved them, my kids loved them, and best of all, I didn't have to worry about cooking.” – B.R.

“Having that lunch carried me though the day, and when the wife is happy, everything else runs so much better... It’s not just the cleaning help, or the lunch, or the weeks of supper; it's just that feeling that we care about you, and we support you.” -- Baila Lebovitz

“AIM really helped me maintain my sanity and focus on my baby and taking care of myself during this time.” – A.F.

“The high schoolers who came over were so helpful! My kids loved playing with them!” – E.K.

“It gave me such menuchas hanefesh to go into Shabbos with spotlessly clean house and freshly washed clothes for my kids to wear.” – S.M.

“You just feel so taken care of, so supported...You just think, someone's out there taking care of me.” --Ashira Mirsky

As AIM volunteer Dr. Chana Feldman concludes, “With AIM, new mothers can now count on consistent and predictable support at a crucial time in their lives. I approached the administrators to offer my unique services which they readily welcomed. I go into the family's home and de-clutter, tidy up and organize wherever they most need it. I started doing this for my daughter when she gave birth a year ago. Seeing how much it helped her, I decided to expand my outreach through AIM.”

How does AIM provide these pick-me-ups? In addition to its growing network of selfless volunteers, it relies on the support of generous community members. In its infancy (no pun intended!), there were a few individuals who generously stepped up to provide seed funding to get the organization started. However, as AIM’s reach grows, the expenses to run the organization also grow; hence,  The AIM Event was born. 

Mrs. Adina Chesir, AIM Event Chair, shares, "We, Baruch Hashem, have put together a truly incredible committee of women of different ages and from almost every shul in town to help us make this AIM event a reality. It's beautiful to see how such a diverse group can really join together for a common cause to help support the women of Baltimore. " Mrs. Sarala Tendler, AIM Event coordinator, adds, “This is going to be an event you don't want to miss. The food, the decor, the entertainment...we're taking it to the next level.” As Mrs. Bracha Mifsud, AIM Event coordinator,  concludes, “by coming and supporting AIM, you are enabling us to help even more mothers in our community. We hope to continue expanding our services and offer even more to the women of our incredible community.”

                                                                          ***PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION: MARRIOT OWINGS MILLS METRO CENTRE***

To learn more about AIM, volunteer, become an event sponsor, or sign up a new mother visit