Administrative Assistant

Shraga Freedman of Living Kiddush Hashem Foundation

About the Position

The Living Kiddush Hashem Foundation is currently seeking a highly skilled part-time administrative assistant who will assume a pivotal role in assisting every Jew in fulfilling their ultimate mission of Kiddush Hashem in all aspects of their lives, while also contributing to the foundation's advancement. For further information, please visit our website at LivingKiddushHashem.org.

Collaborate and distribute educational materials to schools and institutions, ensuring proper support and follow-up on the curriculum.
Coordinate various programs, including women learning groups and other events.
Manage appointment scheduling and facilitate visits to cities and schools.
Maintain and organize comprehensive data pertaining to donors, schools, and participating teachers.
Compose and proofread emails, letters, and articles.

To apply, please submit your resume to LivingKiddushHashem@gmail.com.

Location: Baltimore, MD

For More Information, please contact Shraga Freedman at 3033358968 or LivingKiddushHashem@gmail.com