Shaina Bluma Segal

About the Position

Looking for a shadow
Our son is a delightful, happy 14 year old who loves to learn.  He is a fascinating combination of ability and disability - a little boy in a big body.  He is currently functioning at a kindergarten to first grade level academically and is miraculously learning to read and write despite his compromised vision, mild CP and autism.  He wants to be in school so badly, and he has a wonderful teacher and classmates at TI who really want him to learn with them, but he needs a shadow to help him.  His shadow will help him by making sure he understands what is expected of him throughout the afternoon.  She will encourage him to read as much as he can and read for him when his eyes need a break.  She will tell him to write with his pencil on paper and then set out alphabet tiles for him to spell with when his hands become fatigued.  She will help him use manipulatives and a number line as he masters addition and subtraction.  She will celebrate appropriate social interaction during recess and gently cue him when needed.  She will cheer him on when he succeeds and be patient when he needs another try.  She will communicate with his teacher and mother so that everyone can have the best possible experience.  She will be available M-Th 1-4:30pm and will be well compensated for her time and effort.  
If you would like to be a part of this amazing boy's journey, please email shainabluma@gmail.com or call 410-484-1209.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Location: Owings Mills, MD

For More Information, please contact Shaina Bluma Segal at 4104841209 or shainabluma@gmail.com