Following The US, UK To Sanction Four Israeli Citizens

By Arutz-7
Posted on 02/12/24 | News Source: Arutz-7

The United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary on Monday announced sanctions against four Israeli citizens who reside in Judea and Samaria, accusing them of "human rights abuses" against Palestinian Arabs.

According to the UK Foreign Office, "There have been unprecedented levels of violence by extremist settlers in the West Bank over the past year. Some residents of illegal Israeli settlements and outposts have used harassment, intimidation, and violence to put pressure on Palestinian communities to leave their land."

Two of the individuals who will be sanctioned are Moshe Sharvit and Yinon Levy – who, according to the UK Foreign Office, "have in recent months used physical aggression, threatened families at gunpoint, and destroyed property as part of a targeted and calculated effort to displace Palestinian communities. One illegal outpost, set up by Zvi Bar Yosef, has been described by local Palestinian residents as a source of systematic intimidation and violence.”

Today’s measures put strict financial and travel restrictions on those who were designated by the UK.

The Foreign Office lists the targets of the sanctions as such:

"Moshe Sharvit – an extremist settler who has threatened, harassed, and assaulted Palestinian shepherds and their families in the Jordan Valley. In October 2023, one community of twenty families fled after Sharvit attacked the residents and told them they had five hours to leave.

Yinon Levy – leader of the ‘Meitarim Farm’ outpost, founded in 2021, whose settlers have used physical violence and the destruction of property to displace Palestinian communities including Zanuta in October 2023;

Zvi Bar Yosef – a settler leader who, since setting up the ‘Zvi’s Farm’ outpost in 2018, has used intimidation and violence against local Palestinians, including twice threatening at gunpoint young families having a picnic;

Ely Federman – involved in multiple incidents against Palestinian shepherds in the South Hebron Hills."