Jerusalem, Israel - Sept. 28, 2023  - Taking a walk through the crowds around Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk, in Yerushalayim erev Sukkos one can find lulavim and esrogim and Sukkah decorations wherever you look. This year the big tent for the Arba Minim Market was back across the light rail tracks of Jaffa Road. 

Even in the midday heat, people were carefully inspecting before deciding which etrog fit their specifications. Children were helping near the various tables in the Arba Minim Market.

Along with fresh vegetables and fruits, lulavim were for sale in the shuk. Of course, challah and pastries and brightly colored decorations were piled high.

One surprise was to see Shulem Lemmer, known professionally simply as "Shulem," the American Belz Hasidic singer from Borough Park. Among his accomplishments, for the first time, a singer from the orthodox Chasidic community to have been signed to a major record label. 

In case you have not heard his amazing voice here is a piece taken from his website.  


The Pizza Hut hut was up and ready as were many other sukkas large and small preparing the the holiday which starts tomorrow night. Thousands of visitors have added to the traffic in and around Yerushalayim as people prepare for the chag.