Baltimore, MD - Jan. 24, 2023 - TA has just sent the following announcement to its parent body:

Dear TA Family,

Earlier this month, our esteemed Lower School Menahel, Rabbi Dovid Sass, informed TA’s leadership that he will be leaving TA at the end of this school year.  In the time that he has been here, Rabbi Sass has been an invaluable asset to our TA Family, and we are truly saddened by his upcoming departure.  We want to express our gratitude for the hard work and dedication that he has provided during his tenure at TA.  We respect his decision to move on from his position and wish him the utmost hatzlacha and bracha in his future endeavors.

Over the last few years, Rabbi Hillel Hexter has served as Assistant Menahel, and then as Associate Menahel of our Lower School.  He has proven himself to be a caring, compassionate, and capable leader during that time.  He is an accomplished administrator, deeply understands Chinuch, has developed meaningful relationships with parents, talmidim, and staff, and has a passion for TA’s mission of developing the next generation of Baltimore’s talmidim.   

In the time that TA’s leadership has known about this decision, the Vaad Hachinuch has been working on a path forward.  Much time has been invested on this effort.  It is in that vein that TA’s Vaad Hachinuch made  a unanimous recommendation to nominate Rabbi Hexter for the Menahel position.  Based on that recommendation, and after meeting with Rabbi Hexter, TA’s Executive Board voted to appoint Rabbi Hexter as Menahel of our Lower School beginning with the 2023-2024 school year.  Rabbi Hexter will lead our Lower School with an already-strong working relationship with Mrs. Berzon, Mrs. Rosen, and the other members of TA’s administration.  He will begin to build a strong support team around him, ensuring that our lower school has the administrative support needed for excellence.  Rabbi Hexter will continue to work together with Rabbi Sass through the end of this school year, continuing a very strong and stable chinuch for your children.   

With your support, and the efforts of our dedicated administration, Rebbeim and faculty, TA’s Lower School, along with the rest of our beloved Yeshiva, will continue to thrive in delivering the highest quality chinuch for our children.  


Shmuel Luxenburg, Chairman of The Board
Shlomo Spetner, Chairman, Vaad Hachinuch