The Rebbe has successfully revived a nearly 200-year-old chassidus, which descends from the Rebbes of Lechovitch and Karlin/Stolin

Baltimore, MD - October 9, 2021 -The Baltimore community is honored to host the Koidenover Rebbe, shlit"a, from this Monday, October 11th- Tuesday, October 19th.  The Rebbe last visited Baltimore 2 years ago, and those who were privileged to see the Rebbe then, know that he is a captivating speaker who conveys a message relevant to our generation. In addition, the Rebbe is known for and much sought after for his wise counsel and brachos. Those who have had a private audience with the Rebbe can tell you how truly electrifying the experience was, replete with chizuk and inspiration.

The Rebbe has successfully revived a nearly 200-year-old chassidus, which descends from the Rebbes of Lechovitch and Karlin/Stolin. It now consists of two batei midrash and two Yeshivos, in addition to a multitude of chesed projects. The Rebbe's unique beis midrash on Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Square, serves as a kiruv center; it includes a Kollel and provides weekly Shabbos meals. In addition to the Yeshiva Ketana, whose reputation is well-known in Israel and has blossomed over the last decade, the Yeshiva Gedola is thriving and has developed over the past number of years.

There will be several opportunities to see the Rebbe during his stay in Baltimore.

Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha (October 15/16) with the Rebbe will be a unique opportunity for the Baltimore community.

Friday night  Mincha/ Kabbolas Shabbos at 6:10 pm at Congregation Derech Chaim (Rabbi Gross)( Ner Tamid Bais Medrash use Pimlico Rd side entrance ONLY)

The Friday night Shabbos tish will be held at Mercaz Torah uTefilah (Rabbi Eichenstein) at 9:20 pm.

Shabbos morning, the Rebbe will be davening at Shomrei Emumah's (Rabbi Marwick) 8:15 am minyan. He will sharing brief divrei chizuk before krias haTorah and giving a shiur  immediately following davening  

Shabbos will close with Shalosh Seudos  (following Mincha at 6:05pm) at Mercaz Torah uTefilah (Rabbi Eichenstein)

It is sure to be an uplifting and unforgettable Shabbos. All drashos will be in English.

The Rebbe will be available by appointment for private consultations and brochos at the home of our gracious hosts, Dr and Mrs Yossi Scheller.

The Rebbe will also be in Silver Spring, Monday evening, October 18th for private meetings.

To schedule an appointment or for more information about the Rebbe's visit please call or text Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin at 443-570-7598 or email The American Friends of Koidenov, Inc., would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Rebbe, a member of its board and Nasi of Mosdos Koidenov B'Eretz haKodesh, to America.